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It is some centuries prior to the events of ‘Echoes of Three Dawns’ and the Empire of Nerath is growing. Once confined only to the western coast, the Empire is spreading it’s influence across the land. To the north the dwarven kingdoms have chosen to deal with the Empire politically – though there are many dwarves who resist falling under the empire’s control. The southern city states joined the Empire early on. His Majesty, Emperor Constantine III, now sets his sight to the east.

But with power comes both love and scorn, and the Empire finds itself now dealing with as many internal struggles as they do battles on the front lines.

The society of the empire is bustling. Different factions and organizations of people, political or apolitical, have cropped up across the land – each with their own beliefs and causes. Communication has grown easier, and so has it strengthened the power of those who would conspire.

Amidst this turbulent time, two adventurers caught the Empire’s attention. Right or wrong they have been accused of high treason, and the punishment is exile.

Not many know where the Empire exiles these people to exactly. But there are rumors that say the Empire stumbled upon a portal to the cursed Island of Starfall, and that all those unfortunate enough to cross the Empire and get caught are thrown into it’s light never to be seen again.

Why not just execute the criminals? Perhaps because the Empire believes traitors to the crown deserve a fate worse than death…


In ancient times the land now known as Starfall was connected to the mainland. Some say it was a demonic empire on the material plane, others claim it was the realm of a great and terrible dragon or even a dark god. All that is known is that in some great calamity, the landscape of Starfall was forever scarred with magical energies and separated from the mainland.

In present day the island lies 10-20 miles off the southern coast of Crotonia. The seas around the island are constantly rough, and great cliffs prevent docking in most places, let alone the fact that the waters around the island are home to beastly sea creatures.

The citizens of Nerath know little of the island today, and it is the subject of much mystery and speculation. This makes sense however, since there is much fear and legend surrounding the island, as no one who has ventured there has ever returned…

Our heroes find themselves thrust into an unfamiliar landscape – canyons of bright orange and red limestone and rock formations that defy gravity. But they soon figure out that this dusty and arid landscape is not barren of life, or plot devices…

The Story so far…

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