Viper's Log

Log #1
It’s dark. Dark like the city when the watch combs the streets. Dark like the ice behind a murderer’s gaze. Dark like a moonless night. Dark.
We continued along the cavern system, stopping along doors and passing others. How these are selected only fallen gods can tell. My wound itches; skin feels like spiders down here. Close to the earth, but away from the sky – its not natural. We eventually found ourselves faced by a descent, into more dark. Darker than dark, down through a ruined well.
Down and around, we harried our foes, finding ourselves in front of a sacrifice to a horrible lizard god. I don’t know its name, but I’m sure it has lots of hissing.
We raced over great expanses, swinging over a precipice of doom in a mine cart, sparking along the rails as more and more of these reptiles chased us with pitiful weapons.
Lizardmen. I hate lizardmen.
There was a spiral, like the arms of a great tree, spiraling down into the soil and rock. We pressed on.
We managed to navigate the carts to the other side, and scrambled down ruined roads to what looked like a grand avenue lost to time and entropy. An ethereal glow basked this causeway in its light. Light in the darkness, we thought.
How wrong we were.
Log #2
Entering what was assumed to be a great via in the depths, we found piles of desiccated corpses and split skulls. Caskets and sarcophigi lay strewn about. A crypt. We’d stumbled into a crypt, a charnel house buried deep in the earth. From the luminous globe sprang undead foes, looking to feast on our life and punish us for our trespass. I called upon steel and spell to lay waste to them, weaving in and out of the corpses’ range.
It was a brutal clash, but we emerged victorious and drove deeper and deeper.
Another chamber presented us with a great promenade with mighty statues, perhaps leaders or holy figures in this long forgotten place. A tiefling laid waste to a statue to obstruct our path, but like the king’s harrier we could not be waylaid. We press on… and my time rolls by.

Depression Log 33 1/3
I am sad. So very sad.

Mood: Disgusted (seriously it smells like poo around here)
Location: Deeper in the mountain than last time.
Current Music Playing: Inane Dwarf Chatter & the group arguing.

Hi Journal!

A lot has happened since I last wrote! Brad broke up with Suzie and then admitted he’s had a crush on me all along! I don’t know how I feel, but he’s SOOOOOO dreamy! LOLZ! Erm…wrong journal.

I feel as though my subtle grasp over the party is starting to slip, both consciously and unconsciously. My secrets are slowly being pried out of my head via my big mouth. I really am starting to think that Volya has some sort of emotional control mechanism. Except the only people I know with that ability are women. Well, maybe he is a woman…you never can tell with those elf types. I digress, I don’t like people being up in my business. Viper is bad enough, but with the other two around I’m having a hard time keeping it all to myself. All those two want to talk about is “Can I trust you?”. Listen! I don’t know if the fact that I sold my soul to a demon is a good sign or not, but do you really think I’m trustworthy? I’m not the “I’ll stay by your side…no matter what!” kind of companion. I’m more of a “When the going gets tough…I’m probably 3 miles away laughing at your misfortune with a belly full of wine.” kind of guy. Even so, it’s nice to not have the people around you hate you all the time…

Anyway enough moping, I feel so exhausted. It feels like I was just in a 4 hour long battle! (It’s funny because it’s true!) We stumbled upon a ritual room filled with 4 pools of water and a sacrifice being carried out. In the room stood your usual cultists (one wizardly type, a couple of big crude dudes, some sniveling archer types, and some captive, this time a dwarf!). There was also another lizard man tied down to the altar already as well. After I was done scouting Volya did some tactical stealth espionage action of his own and shoved one of the lizards down the well. Did I mention that Volya is moving up in my book that doesn’t really exist?


After our sneaky little surprise round, Volya shoved another lizard into the same pool as the other. He is starting to get the hang of this thing! Two big burly types came lumbering down the main path in the room in order to get all sexy with us (seriously these two couldn’t keep their hands off of us, well not me so much because I don’t take damage). Therion and I began to tell that if we didn’t try stopping the head cult master from finishing this ritual, something bad was going to happen…

With that I darted to the side in order to try to get the jump on the cult leader. The ritual that he was casting began to make the pools of water boil, their steam obscuring parts of the battlefield. It was pretty cool minus the fact that those stupid archers hid themselves from my friends. Though I have to give them credit, I don’t like taking damage either. Good for them! WAIT! NO! BAD! BAD ENEMIES! I used the distraction of the main melee with my companions and the bulksters (that’s their new nickname) to unleash as powerful of a blast as I could on the cult master. While I might’ve not done the most destruction in the world, his robes were lit ablaze (a hindrance he never seemed to mind).

In the main pathway, my friends valiantly, albeit poorly began to defend themselves from the bulksters. Volya also began to sense the urgency of the moment, and started to make his way to try to stop the cult masters, leaving Viper and Therion to fend for themselves against the two crude dudes. Volya and I tried to stop the ritual as hard as we could, but to no avail. Lizard men threw themselves in the way of Volya’s path, and I could not get a clear shot on the leader. The ritual finished and arose a foul smell lizard man-crystal golem hybrid. The hybrid beast destroyed one of his own lizard brethren before fixing its eyes on Volya. A challenge that was soon to be met. At this time, the dwarf captive also broke free from the clutches of the lizard men and ran for freedom.

Unfortunately there was not much more I could do for Volya, and began to make my way back over to Viper and Therion. Viper began to taunt (I don’t know why he does this, he must have a death wish or something) the two bulksters into attacking him. They began to rain down some furious blows on Viper, but all the while he stood his ground and dished out as much as he took. Therion used the distraction to transform into his drake form and began to savagely rend some of the smaller lizard men into the boiling pools.

Volya, alone, began to focus himself solely on the hybrid, with great success! His greatspear always keeping the beast at bay. His attempts to push it into the boiling pools were futile, but the beast could never get close to hurting him as it had to focus on not falling into the great boily death! The cult master himself tried to stop Volya’s never ending spear assault, but his magics must have been sapped after the ritual because he literally did nothing (including trying to put his fiery body out).

Therion, dispatching with the smaller foes, charged headlong into the fight with the two bulksters. Even the dwarf managed to be useful by chucking a bomb in the direction of the ranged foes, killing them instantly. Viper, using his spidery cloak, clung to an overhead wall and began to fight from up high! (seriously it was so cool, I have to get one of those!) Therion, sensing the rage within the two bulksters, appealed to the savage beast within. He sacrificed his own body in order to psychically damage the two big men. Luckily, that crazy dragonborn’s gambit paid off and the two didn’t manage to hurt him too bad!

Eventually we all survived and finished off even the hybrid monster. The only one getting away was the cult master, still on fire. I mean really, we all learn stop, drop, and roll as kids…no time for that? He jumped into a mine cart (awwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah!) and escaped. With us fast in tow!

They dug too greedily and too deep... You know what they awoke in the darkness...Shadow and flame.

Everyone is staggering after the battle in front of the Lizard Temple.

That is, those of us who fought on the front lines. Vallo managed but a scratch on the arm, which seems to have vexed him greatly seeing as he did his best to fight from afar. We must find rest, but Jezeel has forged on ahead without us. What would drive a man to desire a piece of treasure so much that he disregards his own health to have at it but a day sooner…? The rest of us are not so foolhardy, and head back down the canyon.

Not knowing where a safe haven would be, I am led down an unknown path by my nose and a lovely breeze to a peaceful, plant filled clearing. We notice there are several trees that resemble the symbol of a thorny branch on the Tiefling map we acquired. This begged a careful look around for more symbols on the map. Surprisingly enough, looking upwards, we are able to see the obvious 2nd symbol on the map – a large T-shaped rock against the backdrop of the sky. It seems we have already been at the end point of this map, as the last symbol is that of stone entrance! Most definitely the Lizard temple I exclaim! After a few moments of rest, I remember a ritual I had learned back in my smuggling days… that of comprehending languages. After fashioning a monocle out of quartz and magic, the foreign letters decipher themselves into a familiar Droconic language. They read “Hammer Stone”, “Spiral Tree”, and “Vekna’s Door”. We decide to head back towards the Lizard temple after a night’s sleep. Volya creepily watches us sleep as he meditates. What sort of man never sleeps? Did I hear that in tales of vampires? That would make enough sense in being the Imperial marionette he is.

Upon entering the Lizard temple the next morning (after some deft searching for the entrance’s secret mechanism), we immediately notice two things. One is Jezeel’s muffled curses from somewhere down a steep slope. Another are sets of rusty old train tracks leading downward. This place is no temple, but a mine. Upon these tracks lies an old, wooden, creaky looking mine cart sitting at the top of the tracks. Just waiting for some fool to jump in it and careen off into the darkness. As fate would have it, that fool is among us. Without hesitation, Vallo jumps into the cart and insists one of us give him a push. We all stare incredulously as Viper happily obliges his request. The thuds and crashes we hear moments later further down the dim causeway only confirm the stupidity of Vallo’s actions…

Following the tracks downwards, we see Vallo sprawled on the ground… alive. Apparently he managed to jump out of the cart moments before it went flying into a vast crevasse. We also notice an entire anti-chamber filled with freshly slain lizard men about a makeshift table. They seem to have been enjoying a card game not too long ago… Finally, Jezeel comes into view where he is rummaging through a pile of black soot from the last of many strewn about carts – all the while cursing that his treasure cannot be far, that he must go on. He does not seem to notice us until we ask him what the hell he is looking for. Seeing no reason to trust us, he dismisses the questions rather casually. This seems to tick off something in Volya, and he begins a rather eloquent speech on the benefits and values of trust, even if for a spare few. I’d guess Volya has done this before… nevertheless, this seems to move Jezeel visibly, and his mood lightens with us noticeably. However, this does not slow down his own pursuit of his treasure, and he leads us to a long wooden bridge that hangs delicately across the vast darkness below and deeper into the mine.

Everyone without dragonborn scales moves across easily, in fact all 4 of my skinny comrades move across in a reckless herd. Only I, who moves across alone for cautions sake, find myself hanging on for dear life after snapping two planks halfway across. I barely hang on before Volya throws his handy rope towards me and has the party pull me to safety. I noticed the face on Vallo had turned white after he had a moment to stare down into the darkness… apparently he has seen something in the crevasse grow restless after narrowly missing a meal.

As we continue down, we find a store room off to the left. It holds many a decayed thing, discarded carcasses, and poisonous liquids. We also decide to disturb a tall pile of crates in the corner which reveals a carved out wormhole. This immediately flares the interest of both me and Volya. Finally agreeing on something, we are both in line to dispatch any unsavory beast in the area.

Jeezel is not in the least bit interested in either following the down the wormhole or persuading us to follow him. He simply leaves under a swinging stone door nearby and tells us to catch up later. Damn this man!

On the other hand, Vallo is completely terrified of going down the worm hole. Not necessarily of him going down there (which he won’t), but of myself and Volya’s intentions to do so. He begs us not to throw away our lives. This bizarre scene is too much for me and Volya – our suspicions have been sufficiently spiked towards this man’s background. We demand to know why he wants us alive so much, or else we will most definitely confront our fates down the wormhole. After a brief tug of war with words, Vallo finally admits the true nature of intentions. He was paid to bring us back alive to Rockslide from his perch near the portal. He doesn’t seem to know any more about this charge. Though his ignorance is somewhat believable, there is no telling how much else he is conveniently keeping from us. We probably need to simply ask the right question. At this, we keep our word and stuff a barrel in the wormhole before leaving it behind.

Further into the mine we hear voices in another room, and thinking Jezeel might have found himself against numbers, we decide to investigate. Upon entering we see several lizard men and what seems to be several rage drake stables – all occupied. No sign of Jezeel. Unfortunately, these stables do not seem to specialize in holding back the creatures as they charge us as we start to lay down the hurt on the two nearby lizard men. Rage drakes and a few flying creatures from a small reservoir in the back give us all we can handle for a considerable time. The tide turns when I decide to electrocute the entire reservoir and everything in it with a spectacular display of lightning arcing from my staff. This combined with Volya’s dancing & prancing about with his spear, Vallo’s shooting & cursing everything that moves is enough to put an end to the onslaught.

Viper, who for whatever reason never walked inside behind us, gives an approving slow clap as he strides through the door to witness the end. It is time to figure out this man’s intentions as well. Nobody is worthy of trust in this wretched mine. Even in my days as outlaw and smuggler it was 10 fold easier to find trustworthy souls. Maybe it is bitterness that has drawn out the obviousness of it all.

I am Therion Khal.

Depression Log 26546554
Depression Log 26546554

Mood: Sullen, Crabby, & Slightly Gassy
Location: En route to Rockslide
Current Music Playing: The smooth sounds of lizard men decomposing.

Well, how in the Abyss did I get here? Excuse me for trying to better myself on this island…take an opportunity to kill a few people, and look what happens! Though I have to say, I get results! Send me on a wild goose chase, huh? Well guess who I found! An emotional Eladrin and a Dragonborn/Rage Drake! Seriously though, I don’t know if he’s a simple minded Dragonborn or an extremely gifted Drake…I should ask him one of these days.

I found my old comrade in arms too! Good ol’ Vipey. That’s my nickname for him, he told me if I called him that again he’d make sure he gave me a few more piercings on top of the 21 I already have…I’m sure he’ll come around. Last time I saw him we were on a mission to…WAIT YOU GUYS MIGHT BE READING THIS!!! Yes! We were on a mission to save many cats in many trees for Grey! Lots and lots of cute and cuddly kittens! Unfortunately before we could save our last cat, our mission leader Feigon caught the death bug. He died, and I’m pretty sure Vipey did it. Then he ran off without saying a word! That hurt my feelings. I mean, I hated Feigon as much as the next guy, so Vipey could at least have let me in on it! But I digress…

The new duo, Therion and Volya. I like them, and by like I mean that they’re really useful. Which I guess is what you call friends? The Eladrin might know I’m up to something, I feel like he can read my brain…I hope he can’t, because then I’ll have to explain why exactly I have all the prostitutes dress up in bear costumes…STAY OUT OF MY HEAD! I’m not worried though, the rest of the group thinks I’m useful so I doubt he’ll try to call me out in person. In either case, no one can doubt his combat effectiveness. It’s just a shame he’s wound up as tight as a clockwork golem. Therion on the other hand, seems much more grounded. I like that. He accepts his lot in life (as an exiled fugitive) pretty well. He also can hold his own in a fight, which is always a plus. I just wish he’d let me put a saddle on him…that came out wrong…whatever I’m going with it. Perhaps, just maybe…they might be the ones that can help me get off this damn island and get my revenge. I doubt the Eladrin has the stomach for it, but hey you never know.

ANYWAY! PLOT TIME! We have met up with a Half Orc named Jahzeel, who seems keen on finding “an item of great significance”, plot hook anyone? Seriously though this guy seems like the best ticket to getting everyone back to Grey’s Val Halla, so I’m inclined to follow him until he stops being useful. Therion came upon a note that seems to look like a map of some kind…but beyond establishing that there’s a plant picture on it…we couldn’t understand it. Jahzeel couldn’t be bothered with it and lead on, he is a jerk. Anyway, he led us through the canyon until we came upon what seemed like an encampment of lizard men. A couple sneaky sneaks here, a couple of eavesdrops there, and I find my old partner Vipey trying to turn himself in! I think he’s dehydrated at this point, I mean it’s not like the lizard men are the authorities. Vipey is strange.

I decide that it’s time to free Vipey from the evil clutches of these scaly creatures because he’s one of like 4 people I know that will be around me for more than 5 minutes, but also because I want answers dammit! Combat goes as normal, a couple sneaky lizards, a couple big tough ones, and your stereotypical annoying wizard/witch doctor guy hiding in the back. (It’s not a stereotype if it’s true!) All of a sudden we now notice that their cave isn’t just one of their usual holes in the wall, it’s a full on fortress! Complete with all those annoying places where people like me (people who aren’t stupid enough to run in with a sword, claw, or greatspear head first) can hide! Combined with a couple arrow traps, this place becomes a giant pain in all of our asses. Well, good thing we’re tactical geniuses and turn their higher ground tactic against them. A couple rounds of complete group dominance, and BAM! VICTORY!

This brings us to now. All of us (besides me of course) a little worse for wear, and a nifty little dungeon crawl ahead of us. Time for some answers Vipey, you better make the story interesting at least!

Emotion Log #2238

Mood: guarded, frustrated, distant, closed.
Emotional Control: medium to medium-low.
Reasons: Starfall. Imprisonment. Mistrust in others’ motives.

Vallo is his name – a colourful creature, a too-enthusiastic creature. The fireballs he flung from above, pushing back the lizards and drakes, means an obligation, a debt. The debts seem to be piling up, two of my companions having spared my life as of late. Vallo with his fire, Therion with his Gnomeish promise. I refuse to trust, however. To trust, at this point, is to die. My dreams are of goals held tantalizingly in front of me, always out of reach, always pulling away. This must end, or I fear my control will break.

Vallo leads only semi-competently, but his knack for finding high ground cannot be discounted. The island is beautiful in a dream-like manner, appearing shifted and strange. Earlier our path emerged onto a cliffside, overlooking a pass below. Two groups squared off. Tiefling against Orc. Hard creatures, all, and yet they stood at an impasse, the passage desired by the Orcs held firmly by the Tiefling radicals.

A closer look led to a swift fall. Lesson learned: avoid cliff edges. Spotted by a weak Tiefling, who beckoned for me to join him and his cause. Quiet, fool. In my pain my anger seeped through, and the pathetic creature turned to run in fear. One look from his commander spun him again toward me. His hands became fire. Fire filled the wind. Fire exploded too close behind my head. In the end, he must pay for his insolence.

Gathering my feet and sprinting forward, I thrust my spear at the fool. The fire from his hands must have pooled in the Tieflings very blood. Soon fire leaked into the stone, and where once pillars stood, fire beasts now roamed. Stab, keep stabbing, feel the emotion sucked from the enemy, filling me.

My initial surge is taken for a temporary alliance between the Orcs, my companions, and my greatspear. Blood, fire, these I can understand. But snakes, summoned from the ether. These are cause for worry, cause for distraction. As I burned and bled, the snakes kept attacking, kept swarming. I fell into darkness.

With light, I saw Vallo – twice I owe him my blood. With new life flows new emotion. I attacked and killed. Therion raged and thrashed. Vallo burned and guided from afar. An Orc, stronger and braver than the rest, fought til the end with us prisoners and our guide. He is Jahzeel. He is stern, quiet. He leads now. To Rockslide we march, home of Marcus Crown. To return the necklace. To find salvation. These are my prayers.

End Report.

Blood and Honor

(Written upon tough tree bark strips with an acid based pen of his own device. Therion begins to write in acid supplied by his own saliva).

Blood and Honor. The stuff that binds my heritage and dragon scales alike. Yet, look where it has guided me now… a land of banishment, savages, and dark magik. None of it familiar, and this one has been around. This must be the cursed land of Starfall.

Damn the Empire and the scum who have come to influence it beyond repair. Fate is a cruel jape. Years I have spent under the tutelage of the great druids, learning the power of nature and the call of the beast. All of them have seen past the emperor’s corruption and joined, if not formed, the Moonlight Resistance. And now for what, a master is dead at the hands of one of the empire’s platinum fists, Volya Sæfinnur, and my existence upended into an unknown land. At least I can still recall the memory of sweet revenge taken for Bhelma, and so flawlessly executed until the very last moment. To be thwarted by a gnomish blood pact. To be robbed of killing the platinum dragon, and instead honor bound to save him from the wilds is twice the cruel jape.

How this Volya managed to become blood brothers with the same friend I hold so dear is still a mystery to me. To lead him out of the eastern wilds into the arms of waiting imperial guards in Tenspoor is even more a mystery. We are equal traitors if one were looking to feast upon the lies of Astryl, an especially evil man suffering from some kind of napoleon complex. He has taken advantage of his lofty position in the empire army to accuse us of high treason. Uninterested in heareing a rebuttal, he waves off any explanation from Volya to great delight. I wonder what his blood tastes like… foul no doubt.

Being prisoners on the way to the Shining Seat is no joy ride. Mistreatment and a half-starved state are enough to ruin even the best views offered from the King’s Road into this capitol city. A raucous crowd jeers us as we twist and turn toward the halls of judgment. Upon arrival we are caged and brought up through the bottom floor to settle beneath a chamber of citizens, both high and low brow, and a half seated section of senators led by a Judicar.

The Trial is well fit for a mummers show. There will be no true opportunity for defending ourselves with a crowd already set against us. This Astryl character seems hell bent on our elimination and gives a sniveling account of our treason. Listening to him tell it, Volya and the “beast” have been in league the entire time with intentions of eliminating the Platinum Dragon squad and returning to the Empire with none being the wiser. Never mind all he has to offer is hearsay and the chirps from a half-crazed half-fightened soldier named Fellos Zai, who somehow made it out of the wilds alive. He must have slipped out before my revenge had started. He says he “witnessed” Volya’s conspiracy and betrayal during and after the attack on Stroth, all the while being stared down by Astryl’s piercing glare..

Nevertheless, the Judicar sees little reason to see through Astryl’s obvious deceit. I must remain quiet most of the time, mostly because I am guilty than much more than they even know to charge me with. All they have on me is smuggling along the western seaboard and known conspirator to the resistance. On the other hand, Volya must answer to murder and high treason and betrayer. He speaks a vastly different account in the wilds which sends ripples through the crowd, a gnome named Chancellor Minus is particularly interested. Another finds a way to fuel disbelief in Volya’s story by “recognizing” my actions as if he’d seen them before, the turn cloak Lance Montigoo. No one even seems to know/care that this man of high imperial office has more previous ties to Moonlight Resistance leaders than I have ever had.

Despite this, after many verbal volleys, Volya’s defense seems to be making headway with the crowd. However, the Judicar is still incredulous to this supposed “blood oath” that would turn the intentions of two warriors at the moment of a death blow so forcefully. Nodding, we speak the gnomish oath that immediately lights up our arms in matching tattoos. Chancellor Minus is dumbfounded at this display, recognizing this ancient family ritual of bonding between a gnome and his truest friends. Where we had received this honor becomes pinnacle, and it is without forethought that we speak the name Farvyyn Answyyl, at which point verbal chaos erupts. Our close friend, Farvyyn, has been tried and convicted of gruesome treason not two fortnights ago and become equally infamous. Shock grips us both as this seals our fate.

Awaiting our sentence in the dungeons comes and goes. We are visited by a gloating Astryl, who informs us we are not to be executed, but rather banished. Oddly enough, he seems just as pleased with this outcome as he denies us of knowing our destination. We are also visited by Chancellor Minus, who being moved by Volya’s defense and account of his actions, asks us to do him a favor that may in turn help us as well. He requests we return a locket to a good friend of his Marcus Crown, also banished, should we cross paths.

At this, we are led away by several guards (who hold our chest of items) and mage into a shoddy looking cave inside the dungeon premises. Soon enough, the walls turn into solid slabs of ornate stones as it leads to a very well-kept portal. You can see through to the other side what seems like a sea of desert and rock. However, as soon as the mage begins his ritual, things begin to go terribly wrong. Control of the portal is lost as everything and everyone is pulled through with great gusts of swirling wind. Even as I turn morph into a rage drake, my claws are not enough to hold me to the ground, as I am the last one pulled through.

After being sucked through the portal, we are thrown into an arid landscape laden with pitfalls and cliffs of higher position. The very ground itself seems to acknowledge our arrival with a brief magical pulse. One of the guards begins to go mad with fear at arriving at such a place. He is so distraught that he misses a step and falls of a Cliffside into the darkness below. We see our shattered chest of weapons and begin to make our way towards it when we notice we are not alone… Lizard men, their reptilian pet, and their leader riding a drake, are closing on the newcomers from the cliff tops. Their drake sees myself in my wild drake form and lets out a territorial howl of aggression. The leader sets upon the two remaining guards, who are still trying grasp that this is not a bad dream, slaying one immediately with a hurled spear.

The other 3 lizard men engage myself and Volya . One is dispatched by powerful thrusts of Volya’s greatspear as I tear at it with my claws and drake teeth. Volya’s battle prowess has indeed become more formidable since the meager fight he gave me a few weeks ago. I shall have to get used to the odd, yet effective displays of power he lays onto his foes.

A fierce battle ensues with the remaining creatures. I take turns morphing into multiple vicious creatures as I smite them down. There also seems to be some form of long ranged help coming from atop the cliff as well. Every so often the drake spitting globs of acid is slammed by blasts, no doubt causing its globs to cascade wide almost every time. In turn, they all fall, and it is particularly fun to watch the last lizard man make a feeble attempt to cheat death and make a run for it. I believe the smaller drake may have been the only surviving attacker to slink away.
It is time to meet this friend or foe that has been camped out on the plateau above us…

I am Therion Khal.

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