Depression Log 26546554

Depression Log 26546554

Mood: Sullen, Crabby, & Slightly Gassy
Location: En route to Rockslide
Current Music Playing: The smooth sounds of lizard men decomposing.

Well, how in the Abyss did I get here? Excuse me for trying to better myself on this island…take an opportunity to kill a few people, and look what happens! Though I have to say, I get results! Send me on a wild goose chase, huh? Well guess who I found! An emotional Eladrin and a Dragonborn/Rage Drake! Seriously though, I don’t know if he’s a simple minded Dragonborn or an extremely gifted Drake…I should ask him one of these days.

I found my old comrade in arms too! Good ol’ Vipey. That’s my nickname for him, he told me if I called him that again he’d make sure he gave me a few more piercings on top of the 21 I already have…I’m sure he’ll come around. Last time I saw him we were on a mission to…WAIT YOU GUYS MIGHT BE READING THIS!!! Yes! We were on a mission to save many cats in many trees for Grey! Lots and lots of cute and cuddly kittens! Unfortunately before we could save our last cat, our mission leader Feigon caught the death bug. He died, and I’m pretty sure Vipey did it. Then he ran off without saying a word! That hurt my feelings. I mean, I hated Feigon as much as the next guy, so Vipey could at least have let me in on it! But I digress…

The new duo, Therion and Volya. I like them, and by like I mean that they’re really useful. Which I guess is what you call friends? The Eladrin might know I’m up to something, I feel like he can read my brain…I hope he can’t, because then I’ll have to explain why exactly I have all the prostitutes dress up in bear costumes…STAY OUT OF MY HEAD! I’m not worried though, the rest of the group thinks I’m useful so I doubt he’ll try to call me out in person. In either case, no one can doubt his combat effectiveness. It’s just a shame he’s wound up as tight as a clockwork golem. Therion on the other hand, seems much more grounded. I like that. He accepts his lot in life (as an exiled fugitive) pretty well. He also can hold his own in a fight, which is always a plus. I just wish he’d let me put a saddle on him…that came out wrong…whatever I’m going with it. Perhaps, just maybe…they might be the ones that can help me get off this damn island and get my revenge. I doubt the Eladrin has the stomach for it, but hey you never know.

ANYWAY! PLOT TIME! We have met up with a Half Orc named Jahzeel, who seems keen on finding “an item of great significance”, plot hook anyone? Seriously though this guy seems like the best ticket to getting everyone back to Grey’s Val Halla, so I’m inclined to follow him until he stops being useful. Therion came upon a note that seems to look like a map of some kind…but beyond establishing that there’s a plant picture on it…we couldn’t understand it. Jahzeel couldn’t be bothered with it and lead on, he is a jerk. Anyway, he led us through the canyon until we came upon what seemed like an encampment of lizard men. A couple sneaky sneaks here, a couple of eavesdrops there, and I find my old partner Vipey trying to turn himself in! I think he’s dehydrated at this point, I mean it’s not like the lizard men are the authorities. Vipey is strange.

I decide that it’s time to free Vipey from the evil clutches of these scaly creatures because he’s one of like 4 people I know that will be around me for more than 5 minutes, but also because I want answers dammit! Combat goes as normal, a couple sneaky lizards, a couple big tough ones, and your stereotypical annoying wizard/witch doctor guy hiding in the back. (It’s not a stereotype if it’s true!) All of a sudden we now notice that their cave isn’t just one of their usual holes in the wall, it’s a full on fortress! Complete with all those annoying places where people like me (people who aren’t stupid enough to run in with a sword, claw, or greatspear head first) can hide! Combined with a couple arrow traps, this place becomes a giant pain in all of our asses. Well, good thing we’re tactical geniuses and turn their higher ground tactic against them. A couple rounds of complete group dominance, and BAM! VICTORY!

This brings us to now. All of us (besides me of course) a little worse for wear, and a nifty little dungeon crawl ahead of us. Time for some answers Vipey, you better make the story interesting at least!


jacobzwaldman TheOCLoc

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