Depression Log 33 1/3

I am sad. So very sad.

Mood: Disgusted (seriously it smells like poo around here)
Location: Deeper in the mountain than last time.
Current Music Playing: Inane Dwarf Chatter & the group arguing.

Hi Journal!

A lot has happened since I last wrote! Brad broke up with Suzie and then admitted he’s had a crush on me all along! I don’t know how I feel, but he’s SOOOOOO dreamy! LOLZ! Erm…wrong journal.

I feel as though my subtle grasp over the party is starting to slip, both consciously and unconsciously. My secrets are slowly being pried out of my head via my big mouth. I really am starting to think that Volya has some sort of emotional control mechanism. Except the only people I know with that ability are women. Well, maybe he is a woman…you never can tell with those elf types. I digress, I don’t like people being up in my business. Viper is bad enough, but with the other two around I’m having a hard time keeping it all to myself. All those two want to talk about is “Can I trust you?”. Listen! I don’t know if the fact that I sold my soul to a demon is a good sign or not, but do you really think I’m trustworthy? I’m not the “I’ll stay by your side…no matter what!” kind of companion. I’m more of a “When the going gets tough…I’m probably 3 miles away laughing at your misfortune with a belly full of wine.” kind of guy. Even so, it’s nice to not have the people around you hate you all the time…

Anyway enough moping, I feel so exhausted. It feels like I was just in a 4 hour long battle! (It’s funny because it’s true!) We stumbled upon a ritual room filled with 4 pools of water and a sacrifice being carried out. In the room stood your usual cultists (one wizardly type, a couple of big crude dudes, some sniveling archer types, and some captive, this time a dwarf!). There was also another lizard man tied down to the altar already as well. After I was done scouting Volya did some tactical stealth espionage action of his own and shoved one of the lizards down the well. Did I mention that Volya is moving up in my book that doesn’t really exist?


After our sneaky little surprise round, Volya shoved another lizard into the same pool as the other. He is starting to get the hang of this thing! Two big burly types came lumbering down the main path in the room in order to get all sexy with us (seriously these two couldn’t keep their hands off of us, well not me so much because I don’t take damage). Therion and I began to tell that if we didn’t try stopping the head cult master from finishing this ritual, something bad was going to happen…

With that I darted to the side in order to try to get the jump on the cult leader. The ritual that he was casting began to make the pools of water boil, their steam obscuring parts of the battlefield. It was pretty cool minus the fact that those stupid archers hid themselves from my friends. Though I have to give them credit, I don’t like taking damage either. Good for them! WAIT! NO! BAD! BAD ENEMIES! I used the distraction of the main melee with my companions and the bulksters (that’s their new nickname) to unleash as powerful of a blast as I could on the cult master. While I might’ve not done the most destruction in the world, his robes were lit ablaze (a hindrance he never seemed to mind).

In the main pathway, my friends valiantly, albeit poorly began to defend themselves from the bulksters. Volya also began to sense the urgency of the moment, and started to make his way to try to stop the cult masters, leaving Viper and Therion to fend for themselves against the two crude dudes. Volya and I tried to stop the ritual as hard as we could, but to no avail. Lizard men threw themselves in the way of Volya’s path, and I could not get a clear shot on the leader. The ritual finished and arose a foul smell lizard man-crystal golem hybrid. The hybrid beast destroyed one of his own lizard brethren before fixing its eyes on Volya. A challenge that was soon to be met. At this time, the dwarf captive also broke free from the clutches of the lizard men and ran for freedom.

Unfortunately there was not much more I could do for Volya, and began to make my way back over to Viper and Therion. Viper began to taunt (I don’t know why he does this, he must have a death wish or something) the two bulksters into attacking him. They began to rain down some furious blows on Viper, but all the while he stood his ground and dished out as much as he took. Therion used the distraction to transform into his drake form and began to savagely rend some of the smaller lizard men into the boiling pools.

Volya, alone, began to focus himself solely on the hybrid, with great success! His greatspear always keeping the beast at bay. His attempts to push it into the boiling pools were futile, but the beast could never get close to hurting him as it had to focus on not falling into the great boily death! The cult master himself tried to stop Volya’s never ending spear assault, but his magics must have been sapped after the ritual because he literally did nothing (including trying to put his fiery body out).

Therion, dispatching with the smaller foes, charged headlong into the fight with the two bulksters. Even the dwarf managed to be useful by chucking a bomb in the direction of the ranged foes, killing them instantly. Viper, using his spidery cloak, clung to an overhead wall and began to fight from up high! (seriously it was so cool, I have to get one of those!) Therion, sensing the rage within the two bulksters, appealed to the savage beast within. He sacrificed his own body in order to psychically damage the two big men. Luckily, that crazy dragonborn’s gambit paid off and the two didn’t manage to hurt him too bad!

Eventually we all survived and finished off even the hybrid monster. The only one getting away was the cult master, still on fire. I mean really, we all learn stop, drop, and roll as kids…no time for that? He jumped into a mine cart (awwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah!) and escaped. With us fast in tow!


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