Viper's Log

Log #1
It’s dark. Dark like the city when the watch combs the streets. Dark like the ice behind a murderer’s gaze. Dark like a moonless night. Dark.
We continued along the cavern system, stopping along doors and passing others. How these are selected only fallen gods can tell. My wound itches; skin feels like spiders down here. Close to the earth, but away from the sky – its not natural. We eventually found ourselves faced by a descent, into more dark. Darker than dark, down through a ruined well.
Down and around, we harried our foes, finding ourselves in front of a sacrifice to a horrible lizard god. I don’t know its name, but I’m sure it has lots of hissing.
We raced over great expanses, swinging over a precipice of doom in a mine cart, sparking along the rails as more and more of these reptiles chased us with pitiful weapons.
Lizardmen. I hate lizardmen.
There was a spiral, like the arms of a great tree, spiraling down into the soil and rock. We pressed on.
We managed to navigate the carts to the other side, and scrambled down ruined roads to what looked like a grand avenue lost to time and entropy. An ethereal glow basked this causeway in its light. Light in the darkness, we thought.
How wrong we were.
Log #2
Entering what was assumed to be a great via in the depths, we found piles of desiccated corpses and split skulls. Caskets and sarcophigi lay strewn about. A crypt. We’d stumbled into a crypt, a charnel house buried deep in the earth. From the luminous globe sprang undead foes, looking to feast on our life and punish us for our trespass. I called upon steel and spell to lay waste to them, weaving in and out of the corpses’ range.
It was a brutal clash, but we emerged victorious and drove deeper and deeper.
Another chamber presented us with a great promenade with mighty statues, perhaps leaders or holy figures in this long forgotten place. A tiefling laid waste to a statue to obstruct our path, but like the king’s harrier we could not be waylaid. We press on… and my time rolls by.


jacobzwaldman Archon

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