Vallo's Daemonic Patron


Zelthunas is old. Nope, older than that. Good thing he’s a daemon and doesn’t show his age. He HATES devils, even more so than the usual hatred a daemon would have for them. Being chained to a wall of jade for millennia will do that to you. Normally if one finds a daemon, the daemon will just flay their skin, kill them, and devour their soul just because. Luckily for Vallo, Zelthunas also learned patience and tolerance of others during that time. Vallo freed Zelthunas in exchange for power and the promise of vengeance upon his devilish captors. Now that Vallo’s nemesis, Thrazzun, has given himself over to Asmodeus, the two’s goals are one in the same. Zelthunas doesn’t have as much ability to oversee his sire now that he is in the Material World. But, he still stops in once and a while for cookies and the occasional scolding.



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