Vallo's Trusty Rod

Vicious Rod +1


+1 Vicious Rod


Critical: +1d6 Damage

When you deal your Warlock’s Curse damage with this rod, roll d8s instead of d6s.


This is Vallo’s trusty rod. (pun intended)

Vallo commissioned an artificer prisoner that he took from a warring astral pirate band, the “8’s & Aces”, to make this rod for him. Sparing no expense, Vallo made sure that every square inch of this rod was crafted to his precise demands. The rod is made of a combination of mithral, mercury, and mahogany, with the end of it fitted with a treated piece of glass. The rod is collapsible, allowing him to hide it on his persona with ease. The rod can also be used as a small telescope.

Vallo's Trusty Rod

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