Areas of Crotonia

The West Coast: The coast is the stronghold of the empire with the capital city in roughly the center. The empire’s power and influence here is second to none. The geography of the coast is similar to America’s California in the non-game world. Rolling plains and vistas in the center, getting gradually more tropical to the south and more forested to the north. Urbanization is greatest here, with major cities and towns never too far away.

The Northern Mountains: The mountainous region to the north is home to the dwarves in their underground caves, as well as the nomadic Orcs and Goliaths even farther north that live constantly at war still following their ancient ways. The north is some of the most rugged and still unexplored by the empire, but there is solid information that the mountains hold vast mineral resources – something the empire is greatly interested. They currently deal with the dwarves politically to gain access to some of these resources – but situation and the demands of the Empire are making dwarven relations consistently more tense.

The Southern City States: The southlands are home to city states that joined the empire early on. The major populace is human. This area does contain the greatest number of Dragonborn however, due to it’s proximity to their homelands to the south across the sea. Notable other races making there home in this area are a sizable number of halflings in the hills along the northern border of this region – who offered little resistance to the empire’s influence. Also the southeastern region is home to a large population of Gnomes, who make their homes among the deep and secluded rock canyons that phase in and out between the material plane and the fey. The empire has not found a reason to bother or interfere with them much directly, though it still claims the lands as its own and effects the nearby environs.

The Ulian Vale: The Ulian Vale is an area of great plains and scattered forest directly to the east of the coast. To some extent this land was never conquered by the empire but instead simply assumed to always have been a part of it. Citizens had little reason to not want to join the empire, as their armies offered protection from goblin raids and a sense of stability. Humans, Half-elves, halflings, elves, Half-Orcs, and others can all be found in the Ulian Vale.

The Eastern Wilds: To the east are three great wild lands. The north is a vast forest with a deep connection to the fey. In the center is a range of mountains home to the minotaurs. And to the south are the great marshes home to, among others, githzerai. The Empire’s reach is at the border of the lands where fighting continues between frontier settlements of common folk unwilling to join the empire as well as denizens of the wilds where the Empire tries to encroach on their lands.

Areas of Crotonia

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