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The Setting

Crotonia years ago is quite different than it is in modern times. Society and urbanization are more far-reaching under the empire, and communication across vast distances is easier through the networks of courier services. The continent keeps the same geography however, with one notable difference. The large island of Starfall once existed off the southern shores.

Starfall: Across about 3-5 miles of ocean to the south lies the Island of Starfall. Starfall has geographic features seen nowhere else in Crotonia, including volcanoes, great geysers, canyons, and rock formations of unbelievable shape. The magics infused across the island make what remains of the plant life grow huge – and the remnants of great sorcery on the island have a lingering and powerful effect on all things. It is this magic that seems to have made the island virtually inaccessible, with mutated beasts roaming the surrounding rough seas, and un-scalable coastal cliffs. The Empire dares not set foot on it, as it would be a near impossible task to assault and conquer it, let alone they have no idea what foul beasts reside there. Oh yeah, also everyone seems to believe the legends describing the place as cursed.

Starfall is currently semi-secretly being used by the empire as a prison. They discovered at least one old portal that leads there that only works one-way. They have been using this portal to exile traitors and criminals from their lands. Why the Empire goes through the trouble of exiling criminals in this way rather than just killing them is a matter of some speculation.

Upon their arrival, our adventurer’s find themselves in the dusty desert canyons of the Island’s North-West peninsula, known as the Canyons of Ash to residents, but our heroes don’t know this yet. Their first goal is to discover their surroundings and try to find their only lead – a man named Marcus Crown.



Canyons of Ash

  • The Uncharted Portal
  • The Forgotten Mine
    – The Resting Place
  • Rockslide

The Talon

Dark Fields

  • Grey’s Val Halla


Main Page

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