The TreeAshh Guild

The guild all developing druid’s aspire to join as they enter adulthood. Lore and history have it entrenched as the standard by which all self-respecting druids and those who revere nature follow to guide action and thought.

It is led by 5 druid master’s at any time one time, voted upon once a decade during the Great TreAshh Gathering. Each master is warden to the area of the globe in which they preside. They act as the final word in any disputes and action in regards to Mother Nature.

Current Druid Masters

1. Tet, a Thri-Kreen in Jathspar. Specializes in Shape-Shifting.
2. Frolth, a Mul in the Dwarven Kingdom. Specializes in wielding Magical Implements.
3. Belhma, a Minotaur in the Eastern Wilds. Specializes in Ritual Casting.
4. Lance Montigoo, a human in the Shining Seat. Specializes in History, Healing, and Cunning.
5. Jeradeath, a Changeling of unknown whereabouts. Specializations unknown.

The TreeAshh Guild

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